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Size Matters When Choosing A Partner – Doesn’t It ?
Outsourcing 15th Nov 2015 Richard Cribb

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing an outsourcing partner, capability, capacity, culture, price etc. but one that often gets overlooked is size of organisation. Over the past couple of years I have heard grumbles from CIOs and IT delivery managers where they say that their IT partner is not giving them the attention that they deserve or indeed what they claimed they would in that all important ‘Deal Making’ presentation.

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Encryption and digital security and privacy in India
Outsourcing 11th Dec 2014 Dinesh Bhalla

This blog discusses the state of affairs within the overall digital security umbrella as they relate to encryption within India.

It is important for companies wishing to set up offshore development centres or BPO operations that they fully understand the rules and regulations surrounding the implementation of infrastructure. Service providers are well versed in these and usually have specialists responsible for compliance.

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Considerations for voice services to and from India
Outsourcing 8th Jul 2014 Dinesh Bhalla

With India being a popular place for outsourcing services we have all heard of the positive and negative side of the deal. Something that is not always appreciated especially if online data and voice networks are required is the regulatory aspect of communications between the outsourcing company, customers (in the case of a public contact centre) and the supplier.

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How to survive change management in your business
Business Change Management 8th May 2014 Gill Perry

As humans, we thrive on routine and we often find ourselves doing things in the way that they’ve been done for years without ever questioning it. Often the response to “Why are we doing it this way?” is “That’s the way it’s always been, isn’t it?”.

Change goes against some of our inbuilt systems. The human brain maps out routines and patterns and our learning is based on past experiences. To change is to go against the mapping and wiring in the brain and to understand this gives us some insight into why change is often ‘painful’ to people.

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