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IT Outsourcing - 11 Short Steps to Success: An Insider's View

My first major role in outsourcing was the delivery of two major projects utilising an onshore / offshore model in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which was in the pioneering period of IT delivery from offshore. In 2002 I took up the role of IT Contract and Relationship Manager for a major energy company, undertaking a major sourcing initiative and managing the commercials behind one of the largest outsourcing contracts of its kind up to that time. Since that time I have worked on small, medium and major IT outsourcing deals, sometimes on the supply side, most often on the client side. This book distils into an hour’s reading much of what I have learnt and provides an essential insight into specifying, sourcing and delivering a successful IT outsourcing project. 

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Managing The People Side of Change - Ten Short Steps To Success In IT Outsourcing

Having been involved in successfully managing change in IT Outsourcing over the years, I have gained many insights into the people factors in change management and developed effective strategies and tactics that smooth the way to making an outsource programme successful, starting with, but not limited to, ensuring that the staff involved fully buy in to the process. This book is based on the practical steps that I have put in place to ensure success. Every step identified here is practical and effective and though some of them will seem just good common sense, I do know that in many such programmes they are ignored. Reading this book will give readers some new ideas and also provide them with a straightforward reminder of good practice to help them manage change effectively, engaging the staff and producing a common purpose. 

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Risk Management in IT Outsourcing: 9 Short Steps to Success

Risk Management has been a part of Ian Hucker's professional life sometimes without him even knowing it. Strange to find then that Risk Management has become a trusted friend that in the main has kept him safe from all those challenges that can impact and even ruin the best of plans and intentions. "Risk Management in IT Outsourcing" will ensure that risk management will become your friend too, as Ian focuses on what has made him successful. In less than an hour's reading, he will provide you with the right guidance so that you can plan your projects with confidence. His venture into the world of outsourcing has been one of the biggest changes and most rewarding periods of his career and his book shares with you his experience and provide insights on best practice to give you the best chance of success. "Risk Management in IT Outsourcing – 9 Short Steps to Success" is a journey of discovery which you will also enjoy reading and you will take gold nuggets away with you that will stand you in such good stead. 

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The Ultimate Triathlon

In 2013 Ofsure proudly sponsored James Ketchell to Cycle Around The Word, this challenge completed the ‘The Ultimate Triathlon’, James having previously rowed the Atlantic Ocean un-supported and Climbed Everest. This final encounter made James the first person in the world to have completed all three challenges.

Read his exciting adventures. 

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