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Meet the Team - Operational Management & Control

Bob Samwell

Bob Samwell has significant utilities experience in Consulting , IT services including offshoring and in Engineering and asset management & operations.  He has over 20 years  experience as a Chartered Engineer in Utilities where he was responsible for the day to day operations of a UK regional network operations and asset management. Subsequently a further 15 years experience in IT services and consulting.   This includes IT governance, programme management, ERP shared services development and development and implementation of SCADA systems.

Former Employers: UK Utility Companies, CGEY, Wipro Technologies & CSC

Mike Rawlins
Mike Rawlins is an experienced, accredited Executive Coach and Programme Manager specialising in business coaching and in leadership development for project sponsors, managers and team members. He has over 40 years experience in the energy sector as a chartered engineer with a strong emphasis on process and systems improvement for lifecycle asset management  and has managed major programmes of technology enabled business change.
Former EmployersNational Grid plc
Phil Brown

Phil Brown is a seasoned gas engineering manager with a record of delivering value through proactive asset management. As a Chartered Gas Engineer with more than 30 years experience applying sound technical and business skills within a multinational energy utility, Phil has a deep  understanding of key regulatory and commercial business drivers and is successful at developing and implementing appropriate strategies to improve performance.

Former Employers: National Grid plc, Lattice Group, British Gas and Transco